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Mango Deck - Restaurant, Bar, Beach Club & Watersports

Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico


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Located right in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, on Medano Beach, Mango Deck boasts an unbeatable view of Lover’s Beach and the famous archway rock formation connecting the Sea of Cortes to the Pacific Ocean. Mango is open bright and early 7 days a week so you can come and enjoy a variety of different breakfasts consisting of great big omelets, pancakes, Mexican specialties, breakfast burritos, fresh fruit plates and a variety of healthier lighter choices.

Come early and set aside a deck chair because with all the fun and games and all day two for one drink specials, you can easily make a day of lounging around soaking in the sun, the view, and of course great people watching. The staff is exceptionally friendly and efficient no matter how busy it can get.

During the course of the day, the smooth talking M. C. will entertain you with a variety of waiter dance shows, drinking contests, water sport competitions, or for those of you who just want to sit back and relax try Mango Deck’s latest addition, that of their exclusive on sight massage therapist,


Ginger.Take a seat in her massage chair and experience a most amazing combination of deep tissue with shiatsu techniques. And of course don’t forget to flag down the hefty tequila man, ¨Big Johnson¨ with his holster of tequilas and shot glasses……………for those of you that arrive with a nasty hangover ……………..remember there’s no better.

Way to cure a hangover than… yep… you guessed it… keep drinking. Afternoons and evenings at the Mango Deck seem to fly by so ask your waiter about the daily lunch and dinner specials, the succulent seafood combinations, or enjoy one of our Traditional Mexican or Continental dishes from the menu.

Mango Deck has the capacity to sit 300 people and will take care of all your banquet requirements. If you would like to celebrate a special occasion with us, such as a birthday party, bachelor/ette party, anniversary business meeting, etc. please contact our event coordinator, Eva, with advance notice so she can go over the preparative details, such as menu options, seating arrangement; live entertainment and more.

Don’t forget to bring your cameras because you mill catch some breathtaking photos of the rock information the active water sports taking place and once a months if it coincides with yours stay in cabo, you will witness the most incredible full moon rise right on the sea of Cortes.

So remember to come visit us when you are in town. One thing is for sure you will spend a very memorable time at the mango deck.


Reataurante Mango Deck is proud to count with a large variety of dishes for your satisfaction. The restaurant opens early in the morning so you can enjoy delicious breakfast or you can come later to have lunch or dinner. All time is a good time to taste our Chef's and kitchen Staff recipies. There are some of a few places in town that have an spectacular view to the Medano Bay, Mango Deck is actually one of them. Just a few yards away from the sea, our place counts with tables on the deck and on the beach side, a good option for any kind of mood. We also have Special Ocations Events all year round, see wich one is just right for you or your future vacation itinerary. No matter what time or day you get to Mango Deck - Restaurant, you will always be just in time to enjoy our food and daily events. Bring you Camera and your best swimwear... Fun & Enjoy is warrantied all time!!! 


According to it's comitment of delivering clients the best service possible, Mango Deck also offer Special Events all year. This mean important dates are involved in a matter of giving people the opportunity to celebrate them. Yeah.. either if you're from America or other country, you are invited to join us and get to know a little bit more of our traditions. Other important dates like Thanks Giving Day and New Year Eve celebrations are also included. Contact us for reservation.

Mango Deck also provide group events for incentive agencies or any family that plans to organize an special event for their guests. Our facility is for up to 300 pax. aprox; an any kind of party or theme event can be done. Please let us know about your plans!..



Fiesta Mexicana is a well know mexican celebration party that involves mexican music with a Mariachi band, traditional dance show and a large mexican food buffet. Tequila shots are always on time to drive you in an hylarious way...! enjoy.           


Spring Break events will always be a fun way for students people to spent their vacations... Mango Deck is well known for its contests, music, beach, sun...and Party. We start early in the morning with our activities... so just get on your pair of sandals, your swimming clothes and join us, and remenber special hangover recipies are waiting for you just in case!..           


16th of Septiember may be the most celebrated day in Mexico, Actually celebration starts the 15th at night and while midnight comes, mexican flavor can be seen around with all the stuff that you might know by now... This is the night where you will hear the most famous "two words" in mexico "Viva Mexico" followed by anothers said back on that time when our people wanted to be independent from Spanish goverment. Special menu, drinks and festiivity are always #1 on this date


The 20th of November is when Mexico celebrates the revolution. On this day, all Mexico stads up and gets to see the most impresve and massive parade all over the country. In this day all mexican students, military forces and many other institutions walk on the parade to do honor to the mother land. As well as the 16th of September, Mango Deck sets special enviroment to this event date.


Hallowen is an special occation at Mango Deck, where you can transform yourself into a creepy monster or into a top rated scary movie carater from the moment. In this night all restaurant is transformed to be an original background location to enjoy halloween. There is also a contest to give prices to the best custom designs and the food is based in a barbecue grill with different kind of dishes.           


Is this special date, a lot of families join us to spend a peaceful evening with their own an others in a friendhood ambient to give thanks to the lord. Fine wines an dishes selection are available in our menu to fill any kind of accustomed thanks giving day dinner.           


All kind of surprises can happen in this long night that we always have planned in advance to give new year's day the best welcome as possible. Please try to get some sleep before you join us, cause it's shure that you will be celebrating new promises at sunrise time of the 1st. of January..!


COOL CONTESTS (esta área ira dentro de ABOUT US y enlazada en ENVENTOS por que en ABOUT US, pues esto es lo que hace especial a el Mango Deck !)


Sexy Dance is probably our most fun game ever in Mango Deck, Yeah.. This contest is conformed by six participants, one male and five female (or viceversa) and consist to try get a single participant horny. Once single participant is placed on the chair, every other has the opportunity to show on and do their best in order to acomplish their goals. One of the funniest things from this game is that people on the single chair needs to be strong in order to resist the temptation. Only the use of the view sence is allowed. The rest of the participants can use whatever is on their hands to win. The Winner is choosed by the expectators.                  


Deep Sea Beer is a contest that consist in catch a bottled beer that is just in the middle underwater of a big metal basket. In order to win, participants need to get the bottle only with the mouth and take it out. The difficult part is that water inside is so "cold", actually they need to use their heads to move big portions of ice.


In this game divers are challenged to show their best dives... Actually their best "Water Splash" out of the mini pool. And to acomplish that, means that divers must pay the price with painful positions in order to win..!


Wet Boobs contest is basically the same as the wet t-shirts contests all over... But in Mango Deck "Boobs" are not only that counts, we also qualify, congeniallity and the dance performance.


This game consist in to follow the host with mimics during it's perform, it's funny cause it use old circus music background style. After, when the perform finish, the guest receive a surprise when finally see what`s in the mirror


this is a staff vs clients contest, is about who drinks faster and with more style, of course spilling or spitting the beer is against the rules.

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