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About Turtle Sanctuary - Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico

Medano Beach Cabo businesses are committed to preserving Cabo San Lucas’s natural habitat and local wildlife. In addition to its broader initiatives, the association participates in the Los Cabos Sea Turtle Conservation Program, which strives to protect Olive Ridley sea turtles from extinction due to pollution and overexploitation.

Some of Cabo San Lucas’s more secluded, less-touristed beaches provide perfect nesting grounds for the sea turtles. They may nest sporadically throughout the year, but it most regularly nests from July to October. In 2006, Casa Dorada was granted permission to establish a working nursery for Olive Ridley eggs.

In addition to the sanctuary, beach patrols monitor the Cabo San Lucas Bay to ensure the turtles’ safety.

Speak with your concierge to learn about turtle release opportunities.


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